20 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Bleachers

20 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Bleachers

First things first. Don't cry. Don't let those toddlers see your weak side. They'll know how to get you then. Let's get straight to it because twenty ways to entertain the kids is a lot to consider. You may want to rotate a few each week to keep things fresh.

20 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Bleachers

  1. Pre-game.

    For adults only. I'll leave this here for funsies.

  2. So many snacks.

    It's an obvious one because if they're eatin' they may be sittin'. Our favorites are prepackaged crackers, granola bars, apple slices, and pistachios -- takes them twice as long to eat, because they have to shell each one.

  3. Playdough.

    The stuff is terrible, don't get me wrong. I hate having it under my fingernails or the bottom of my pants, but it can keep little people's attention longer than the mascot fo sho. Get the little tubs so they don't take up as much room!

  4. Coloring books/Notebooks and colored pencils.

    Forget the crayons, they melt and break way too easily!

  5. Books.

    My baby son likes to read, and there is sure to be some cute girl running around who will read to him while I watch the game. This is one of our favorites!

  6. Bring a friend.

    This is for the older ones, but bringing one of your kid's friends along is easy entertainment. Occasionally, it'll be closing in on the end of the fourth, and I'll have no idea where a kid is because they've been playing somewhere with their friend.

  7. Bring a grandma.

    My mom will straight up run around for the whole three hours of a game to wear out my son.

  8. Benadryl....I think this one speaks for itself.
  9. Magnets.

    These things will keep them building and busy for hours. Okay, ten minutes, but still. That's ten minutes of the game you got to watch.

  10. Figurines and Cars.

    Bring little people and cars and watch their imaginations get busy.

  11. Spill-Proof Bubbles.

    Kids are weird. They like bubbles. And these guys are SPILL PROOF! Granted, this would be something NOT to do during a crowded game. Grown ups don't like bubbles nearly as much as kids.

  12. Binoculars.

    These are fun for "spying" on people or for the hardest game of EyE-SpY ever. Here are some AWESOME kids' binoculars that don't break the bank.

  13. Camera.

    My kids do not have phones so letting them walk around and take pictures is such a treat for them. This is also a great option if you'd rather not hand your phone over to a preschooler. Tell them they have to take a picture of each color of the rainbow or something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

  14. A pillow and blanket.

    Because hopefully #8 has kicked in.

  15. Sticker mosaics.

    These suckers will keep little fingers busy for at least a quarter. They have to peel off the back of every, single sticker, find the appropriate color square and stick back on. Great for fine motor skills and they LOVE it. Dollar Tree usually carries them as well, but they only sell 1 or 2 of the same design.

  16. Concession stand.

    I make mine wait until the third quarter so they have something to look forward to. By the time y'all get back and the treats are gone, the game is almost over.

  17. Water bottles.

    The whole flip the bottle thing is so annoying, but I tell you what, it entertains those little suckers FOREVER!

  18. Have them write out their Christmas list. You can "lose" it on the way home.
  19. Bring a babysitter.

    Just one person whose sole responsibility is to chase kids around and make them stop *whatever.* I have done this, but not until playoffs because, let's be honest, we don't have the money for something like this every week.

  20. Scavenger hunt.

    Rock, twig, penny, maybe even a random bottle camp? Write them a list. Don’t come back until you find them all.

  21. BONUS! A Leash.

    Kidding. Mostly.

20 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in the Bleachers - Infographic - Friday Night Wives

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