5 Things Tami Taylor Taught Me

5 Things Tami Taylor Taught Me

This coach’s wife thing is not easy, y'all. My husband always had a desire to coach, but throughout the beginning of our marriage, life took him in another direction as he took care of our family. So this is our first year as a coaching family, and I feel like I joined the team during my sophomore year after spending my freshman year playing a different sport.

We made sure that our x’s and o’s were just right before we made the jump and were beyond excited when multiple job offers came his way. After carefully looking at every angle, we chose a school that we hope to call home for a very long time. The initial excitement on my part quickly gave way to panic and worry. I was so happy for him and what this lifestyle change could mean for our family, but at the same time, I had no idea what to expect.

  • How would we survive on two teacher salaries?
  • How much will he actually be home?
  • How will I adjust our routines?
  • Am I going to hate sitting at games?
  • Am I going to like the other wives?
  • Will our wild children be judged?
  • Will I want to throw things when he can’t shut up about work?

Naturally, I did what any sane person would do and turned on the trusty TV. (Let’s be real here, in all actuality, I used my phone as I washed dishes and let my kids watch Disney Junior.) I started binge watching a new (to me) show: Friday Night Lights. I figured if nothing else, I would probably get excited for football season and expand my football vocabulary.

Little did I know, watching Tami Taylor and her family walk through the trials and tribulations of five seasons would prepare me (as much as anyone could be) for this life as a coach’s wife.

Here are a few life lessons I learned from the queen of coaches’ wives, Tami Taylor:

Handle yourself with grace, but hold true to your convictions. There will be a lot of smiling and talking to people you don’t know. You may be held captive while you have strep throat for the third time by a doctor talking about a call a ref made that he believes is the reason your team beat his team the previous week. You may be sitting in your school colors with your small children on the opposite side to be able to see your little sister cheer for the only time all season. Through all of the book clubs and barbecues, Tami Taylor was always conscious of the fact that all eyes were on her. She treaded lightly to keep the peace and her husband’s job. At the same time, when necessary, she respectfully expressed her opinions and beliefs.

Put yourself first sometimes, and don’t be afraid to have tough conversations. After much contemplation and his wife’s refusal to back down, Eric Taylor followed his wife to pursue her own dreams at the end of the series. I always wondered what season six would have looked like had viewers been taken on Tami’s journey as she finally gave herself permission to excel in her own career. 

Take surprises in stride. Sweet Gracie Belle was the surprise of a lifetime for the Taylor family, but the addition was just what they needed to complete their family.

Winning is sweet, but there is value in loss. Games were lost. Loved ones were lost. Minds seemed as though they were lost. Still, there was always something to be learned from each experience. Nothing encourages growth for both teams and individuals like a tough loss.

Make your marriage a priority, because your family is stronger as a team. I know that I wasn’t the only person who could have given Eric Taylor a piece of my mind when he left his wife, newborn, and teenage daughter to pursue a college coaching career. Let’s not forget the East Dillon/ West Dillon saga of season four. The Taylors overcame many challenges but were always stronger when operating as a unit.

Although I learned lots of good things, I am still left with one nagging question: How on God’s green Earth is Tami Taylor’s hair so perfect literally all the time? Humidity in the South is a real thing, and try as I might, my hair will probably always look like I lost a fight with the devil himself through at least October. Help a girl out, Tami! (Also, just in case anyone is curious, Coach has not yet stopped talking about work, but no, I haven’t thrown anything but fits. Yet.)

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