A Letter From God to a Coach's Wife

A Letter From God to a Coach's Wife

Dear Coach's Wife,

Hi there. I know you know who I am, but it seems that you have been a little distracted lately. I know you have a lot going on right now, with the season starting and all. I know Coach left before the kids were awake and won't be home until well after the kids (and you) are in bed. I know you have to do more than your fair share around the house and with the kids.

But, please stop getting caught up in the moment-to-moment chaos of life. When you do, you tend to lose sight of me. I love you and I miss you when you are distracted.

Most people think it takes two people to make a marriage work, but you actually need three – Coach, you, and me. So, as his demands at work pull him away more and more, draw closer to me. Yes, you are a very strong and independent woman. You have to be. But, that does not mean you need me any less.

I know you had these grand plans and ideas for how things should be with your life – the vacations you would go on, the weekends you’d have to do whatever you felt like, a husband that was around more than he wasn’t. And yes, I know it did not involve so many moves. But I've been gently trying to tell you that you are wrong. I know that is hard to hear, but from up here, I have a way better view.

Let’s remember your earliest seasons as a wife.  Remember how you tried to force your solutions when problems arose. Remember the frustration you felt when your perfectly plotted plans came undone. Remember how exhausted you were from trying to control everything.

I whispered to you then, telling you to trust me. I’ve got this. But you did not listen. You were distracted then, too.

Remember when I finally got your attention? That moment that made you drop to your knees because you finally knew without a doubt that you were by no means in the driver's seat. As hard as that was for you, it was more so for me. After that though, you listened. You understood why things unfolded as they did. Because they were better my way.

So now, as the dawn of a new season begins, hear my whisper. Keep me in the forefront of your marriage and in your life. Things will work out. I have a game plan for you and your Coach, and it is a plan for good. I promise. Each move, each promotion, each setback, and each stagnant period have been part of that plan.

And I know you understand how game plans work, so let me call the plays.

Love always and forever,


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