Any Team Can Beat Any Team on Any Day

Any Team Can Beat Any Team on Any Day

 I find myself saying this often. It’s an idea I learned from my Coach, who might possibly be the most hopeful person I have ever met. He has a big heart for the underdog and he never quits. But on this day I find myself saying it to him. Actually I say it to him frequently, because he needs to hear it out loud.  

Any team can beat any team on any day.  

This is the most fascinating aspect of football at any level. It carries the idea that hope is never lost regardless or your standing or record. It’s the idea that each team matches up differently and that football carries an endless amount of variables. And despite the way the current season is playing out, those variables can align in your favor when you least expect it.  

Any team can beat any team on any day.  

When your unranked team faces a top ten team—hope sees the underdog come out on top. 

When your team has never beaten a certain opponent—hope brings the game to end that losing streak.  

When you are facing your cross-town rival in your State Championship—hope makes that unexpected victory so much sweeter.  

Any team. Any day.  

What does this mean for you as coach’s wife?  

You are the most influential person for a team that is struggling. You are the bearer of hope.  

You sit side-by-side with the parents in the stands. Go ahead and cheer when everyone else is silent. Stand on 4th down. Lose your voice making noise so your boys know you believe in them. 

When you see other teachers or students—talk up the game. Invite them out. Tell them THIS is the game to see. Pump up the cheerleaders. Encourage the AD. Be a voice in your community.  

Remind the people—any team can beat any team on any day.  

When you say something long enough, loud enough, and with a bunch of conviction people will start to believe it.  

What about Coach?  

I guarantee he believes it or he wouldn’t have signed up for the job. But he really needs to hear it out loud. I tell Coach every game day—this will be a good game. 

Many times the odds are stacked against us. Sometimes there are injuries. Sometimes there are bad attitudes. Sometimes the other team is just bigger and stronger.   

But I still tell him THIS will be a good game. I know I have to be his biggest cheerleader. Most days I am his only cheerleader.

Let’s be real. I get tired.  I get frustrated. And every time I come to the middle of the season, I am ready to throw in the towel. 

But I have to offer him these words—this will be a good game. Because when he believes it, then his coaches will too. When all of the coaches are on board, then the players believe, too. 

And when EVERYONE believes—then the mantra will become true.  

Your team can beat ANY team on ANY day.  

Hey Coach’s Wife, you’ve got to bring the hope! You add fuel to the fire that reminds everyone hope is not lost, no matter what the circumstances.  

You have a wide circle of influence. Bake those cookies. Provide those meals. 

But remember that your words will be the biggest game changer of all.  

Always remember this—

Any team can beat any team on any day.  

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