Celebrating that Coaching Milestone

Celebrating that Coaching Milestone

When it comes to celebrating a coaching milestone, many coaches' wives are left wondering how to honor a milestone without going overboard. How do you celebrate these occasions? Are gifts expected? What are the appropriate milestones? First head coaching position, 50th or 100th win? Do we celebrate retirement or is this a time to mourn? At Friday Night Wives it's our opinion that all these coaching milestones are worth celebrating (as well as many in between!) and since we're always here to help ;) we've gathered some suggestions to help you celebrate the next milestone in your favorite coach's career.

Celebrating The First Head Coaching Position

When my dad got his first head coaching position, my mom purchased a beautiful new sports coat for my dad with a matching tie. My dad is pretty old-school like myself. He coached in it and wore it for special occasions like Homecoming, Senior Night, and awards ceremonies.

Another great option is to purchase decor items for his office. When my husband was promoted to recruiting coordinator and moved into his own office, I decorated and organized it for him.

He loved it. I hung things up, got him a new office chair, purchased new office supplies, organized his desk and filing cabinet. He came in from practice one day and it was done as a surprise. It took a lot of weight off his shoulders to know it was done and he could easily find things he needed. 

Of course, you can also keep things low-key.  Take that family photo or headshot of your coach along with the press release or announcement of his promotion to head coach and have them framed in school colors. Whether it hangs in his home office or at the school it's a classy way to mark the occasion. 

Celebrating A Milestone Win

There is nothing harder than to try and celebrate a milestone win. Am I right? We are all looking for unique and new ideas to help commemorate your coach's win. There are traditional things like a commemorative ball or plaque, picture books, video montage, custom t-shirts, and special signs to name a few.

Here are some interesting things people have suggested:

  • Cameo - It is a personalized video from his favorite star wishing him congratulations. 
  • Shadow Box - Fill it with the newspaper from the day, photos, ticket stubs, his play call shirt, game day schedule, maybe the shirt or hat he coached in, program or etc. 
  • The Milestone Number of His Favorite Things - For example, celebrating 50 wins - get him 50 of his favorite candy bar, cookie, snack, etc. 

Celebrating Retirement

Coach has finally decided to hang up the ole’ whistle and retire. What’s left to do but celebrate? For my parents, the first thing they did was take a vacation. I know that’s not new, but for parents it was. Go ahead and plan that dream vacation, just do it. It will be worth it in the end for my parents it was. 

Invest in his hobby, for my dad it was cycling. But for your guy, it may be golf, fitness, reading, or building things. Whatever the man in your life likes to do, take a moment to purchase an item to invest in that hobby. That will immediately give him something to do when he does not know what to do. 

Celebrate that you have more time to give back and engage with your local recreation center, church, or charity. If your coach is anything like mine, he won’t stay still and will need something to do.

Volunteer together or separately! Rec centers are always looking for people to coach youth sports. It only takes up a few hours a week and will give your coach something to do. Maybe he can even coach his grandchildrens’ team.

Whatever you do to celebrate your coach, make sure it is special for him and for you. You have earned it.

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