Dear Coach, A Little Help Buying a Gift for Your Wife

Dear Coach, A Little Help Buying a Gift for Your Wife

Dear Coach,

In case you are eyeball deep in a playoff run, constantly scrolling Football Scoop, about to start coaching yet another sport, or already looking at next year’s prospects, let me remind you that it is already December.

This means your amazing, remarkable, beautiful, intelligent, epic wife/fiance/girlfriend is soon to need some gifts that match her amazing-ness.

With all of that in mind, here are five things your Coach Wife really wants for Christmas. 

  1. Something just for her.
    In-season her life revolves around others. She spends the season doing very little for herself. This Christmas, present her with something that is just for her to enjoy. No sharing. This is not the new dryer that has needed fixing all season, or a shiny new Crockpot. Think more like a plush robe or slippers, a high quality sugar scrub, a new book, a sanctuary in the house where, if she is in that space, she is off limits (like a mini-man cave but filled with all of her favorite things). This gift should be for her and only her.
  2. A non-sports related experience.
    Coach life is filled with experiences that we love, but these are not the only experiences we enjoy. Give your girl something she can do that has nothing to do with your sport. Theme park tickets, see the ballet, go antiquing, paint and sip, escape room, concert, cooking class, spa day with her gal-pals...whatever your lady is into. 
  3. Something luxurious.
    Splurge on her! Get her that thing she has been wanting but would never buy herself: designer bag, diamond earrings, red-bottom shoes, first edition, author signed copy of her favorite book/album,  etc. 
  4. Something thoughtful.
    Your amazing lady has spent the last several months thinking of and focusing on you and your career. Return the favor by showing that she is always on your mind. Make a shadow box of your relationship memorabilia (ticket stubs, letters, cards, etc). Build her that shelf, porch swing, bench, coffee table, she’s been asking for. Clean the dust off her grandma’s necklace or the ring her daddy gave her that is in disrepair & get it back in show-piece status. Get a keychain of the latitude and longitude of a place that is special to you both. Keep in mind, these gifts are not last minute pick-ups. These require a game-plan, Coach. 
  5. Something to make her life easier.
    Face it, the Coach Wife life is not easy. It’s tough and sometimes we just need a break. Give her something this Christmas that will make her day-to-day life easier. Does she struggle finding time to get to the gym? Set up a home gym. Is your girl a clean freak? Get her a robot vacuum, or pre-pay for a cleaning service. Do dinner plans stress her out? Subscribe to a weekly boxed meal delivery. Insider Tip: Be 100% sure she is ok with these gifts or you will have a whole other set of issues you didn’t bank on. :) 

Bottom on your lady this holiday season and show her just how much you appreciate and cherish her.

She deserves it, Coach. 

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