Dear Coach, I'm Choosing Grace

Dear Coach, I'm Choosing Grace

Dear Husband,

During football season, I understand there are some things to which I must concede.

There are “life” things—like my house will not always be clean, I will consistently be late, I will not catch up on sleep until after the state championship, and I will eat way too many drive-thru dinners.

I am more than willing to sacrifice these somewhat insignificant norms so that we can chase your dreams. The rewards of watching you grow as a coach and seeing how you impact the young men around you are far more worthy than shiny floors and an extra hour or two of sleep.

However, there are more difficult “heart” things to which I must concede, as well.

I need you.

I’m not talking about needing you to clean the bathroom, or mow the grass, or take out the garbage.

And I don’t mean the kids need you, either.

I. Need. You.

We are partners in ife. For us, that life includes football and all it entails. Please know, Coach,  just because you are in-season, that doesn’t mean my needs are put on hold. I don’t need less of your time or attention. I don’t need less of your focus or your love. I don’t need less physical closeness and intimacy.

I am simply choosing to show you grace. 

I know that you are human and that even though you are my hero, you are not SuperMan. There is no possible way you can give your all to football, teaching, our kids, and me.

You are incredible, but not superhuman, and that is ok.

I willingly take on these “heart” concessions and continue to show you grace each and every day throughout the season. Even if that means my needs, sometimes, have to be last on your to-do list of the day. 

It is hard. It is even hurtful at times.

But I hold on to the knowledge that if you could, you would.

If you could come home earlier, you would, and if you were able to hold your eyes open long enough late at night, you would love to hear the rest of the story about my day.

I show you grace because I know on bye weeks, and off days, and in the postseason you will do everything you can to make up for this missed time. You will ensure that all my needs are met and that my love cup runneth over. And for that, I am forever grateful. 

I choose to show you grace every day, Coach. Please see it. And maybe grab some flowers on your way home. 

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