Dear Coach's Wife: It's Good Too

Dear Coach's Wife: It's Good Too

Dear Coach’s Wife,

I see you.

I see you holding it together and acting like everything is okay, while inwardly you’re exhausted, hurting and tired of never seeing your husband. I know that not every coaching situation is ideal, and that even the best of situations have their negatives.

Add that to the normal stressors of just trying to do life, and I get it:

It. Is. Hard.

But, what if we focus too much on the negatives, and not enough on the positives this life brings?

What about those times when a player stops and takes the time to talk to and play with your toddler, and makes him feel like the most important thing in the world?

What about when you’re moving, and you always have sets of strong arms ready to move boxes and do the heavy lifting?

What about when you’re really struggling and another coach's wife looks you in the eye and says, “I know. I know. I’ve been there.” And those simple words are enough to help you go on.

What about watching your husband work to pursue his dreams? 

What about seeing him learn, struggle and grow as he reaches his goals, and realizing that YOU were a part of making that happen? I mean, that’s pretty amazing. This year alone, my husband has learned so much both on the field and off it. And our little family was a part of that. That makes me proud, and it should make you proud too!

This coaching gig is a team effort (no pun intended). It makes for an interesting life, but there is so much reward in it too! Sometimes we have to work harder than normal to find the good, but I promise, if you keep looking . . . if you keep choosing joy, you will find it.

God is so gracious throughout life to give us redemption from the hard things and joy in the everyday moments, and it doesn’t end with the coach’s family.

So, my dear coach’s wife. Wherever you are, don’t forget the bigger picture.

Don’t forget the beautiful things amid the ups and downs.

Don’t forget the look on your son’s face when he gets to run on the field after the game, or the look on your husband’s face after the biggest win of his career.

Don’t forget why we do this. It may be difficult to be married to the game, but it’s so worth it.

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