Dear Kids, As Your Daddy Leads His Team Through a Pandemic

Dear Kids, As Your Daddy Leads His Team Through a Pandemic

Dear Kids, 

For months your dad was home. He had extra time around the house; time for dinners, time for endless honey-do lists, and house projects. We read stories, built forts, watched movies, played UNO, went for bike rides, held dance parties, family walks, you name it!

We filled our days with memories, knowing our time with daddy at home so often was precious, and a gift of time that would not be given each year. 

Having daddy at home was so sweet. So bittersweet, I should say. Because although we benefitted from the extra time at home, we knew that a piece of daddy and a piece of our family’s life was missing. 

We are a coaching family, and although having the change of pace and slowdown has been needed and well-received, we know our family is called to do so much more. 

There are many things I hope you learn during these uncertain times. The importance of family, never taking friendship for granted, caring for others, and living with a grateful heart.

I also hope you see and take note of just how strong your daddy has been as he has served as the rock for our family and his team. Your daddy is leading a team through waters he’s never navigated before, and he’s taking it day by day.

It’s not easy planning for a season that may or may not happen, or may end abruptly. To lead a team of athletes through an uncertain time, but keep morale high and positivity flowing. 

It’s not easy to worry about our family’s health, as well as the coaching staff and players. To have a list of guidelines that must be followed to the best of your ability, but also guidelines that seem to be changing daily. 

It’s not easy to carry the burden of “what ifs” and constant worry about the season. To know if something does happen, an entire team of athletes will be looking to you for guidance when you don’t quite understand it yourself. 

But you know what your daddy does?

He carries on. He plans even though there is uncertainty. He encourages as if a full season will be played. He listens to concerns and fears, and responds with hope and guidance. He prays for his family and team, for safety and good health.

He does what has to be done because your daddy is a coach. He’s one of a kind.

He has way too many eyes upon him, yours included, to lead in any other way than the absolute best.

We love you daddy, we know this season is hard and uncertain, and we know that no matter what you will give it your all. 

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