Dear Kids, This is the Big Picture

Dear Kids, This is the Big Picture

Dear Kids, 

We just went from summer vacation mode to football season. One extreme of time with dad, to the other. And while we are ramping up our schedules with activities for church and school, I wanted you to know something about your father. 

This is huge, don’t miss this. The victories are so far beyond our team WINS (and losses). God is our big picture. Don’t forget that.

Yes, dad is a football coach and works at the school. AND you ARE his kids first.

But, each Wednesday night, when we are loading up the SUV to go to church where you and I participate in Bible study, dad is STILL in worship. He is loving God and serving God.

I know you wonder when you see his side of the car empty. He doesn’t come to all the extra events with church because he has a busy insane schedule. He has commitments he HAS to attend. But you need to know He is IN the thick of his ministry when he isn’t with us. 

God has blessed you with two parents that love you more than you will ever know (ok, you’ll probably find out; but you won’t come close to understanding fully until you have children of your own). We aren’t perfect parents by any means, but we do our best to put God first, each other second, and we pray we are loving you and training you up the best we can too. We trust Him to fill our needs and provide for us. But that’s not the societal norm. 

We believe we are God’s children, and WE are the family to this community and tribe no matter their situation. We have to step in for each other and help. Just like people step in for us when WE need it. 

So your dad is stepping up to the field this season to be on mission here in our small town. He for sure won’t fill all of the holes of each student. Only God can do that. But he will be there each day. 

Each athlete needs something different from your dad, their coach. High schoolers deal with SO many stresses. Sometimes it’s related to family, sometimes it’s friends or girlfriends (womp, womp), sometimes it’s temptations of drugs or alcohol, or mental health issues, and sometimes it’s just because they are whiny teenagers don’t want to get out of bed, or do homework, or put in the extra work it takes to be tough. They dig in their heels because life gets hard. 

Dad, aka Coach, just BEING there each day on a consistent basis, ministers to them. He ministers sometimes with a pat on the back, or a simple “‘attaboy, Michael!” Some kids need to know discipline, structure, higher expectations. Some kids need a text, a high five, a ride home, a “get your homework turned in on time,” or a loving “don’t be dumb” for any situation thrown their way. Some students are churched, many are not. So this is how dad ministers. THIS is how we bring the church to them. They see something they may have never experienced before. 

And God’s ripple is SO powerful. When He uses dad to make a difference for even ONE student, ONE referee, or ONE coach this season, it can spread to the ends of the world. It can spread to every town and every generation.

So this season when dad can’t be home or at church for each and every opportunity, and he isn’t home leading you in prayer before we eat (or bedtime prayer, or prayer for hurt or sick friends or family, etc), know that he is investing into these fine young men. He is showing them the love of Christ. While he can’t legally preach to them, He shows them the characteristics of Christ by being dependable, and being that still, small HUGE Friday night voice. 

I’m trying MY best to be better at making sure you see ME in the word, and making sure you KNOW that your parents love God.

But my loves, your father is reading his word and he is praying too. He’s up and off to school, praying in the empty halls before you even wake up. And sometimes he’s only able to see you once you’re fast asleep. You don’t see it, but trust me. You know your dad is a super dad.

Truthfully, dad can’t do all this work on his strength alone. But we are lending him to God to use in the lives of the players, coaches, and our hometown this season. And we are trusting God to move mountains.

This is the big picture. 


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