Dear New School, It's Me—The New Coach's Wife

Dear New School, It's Me—The New Coach's Wife

Dear new school, it’s me that new coach’s wife. 

You don’t know me yet but you will! I’ll be the crazy blonde lady in the stands. The one who some days may look put together and other days … not so much. 

I’ll have two toddlers in tow, one is two and one is four. The kids will probably be eating unhealthy snacks throughout the entire game, running around, cheering their hearts out, and sometimes watching the iPads when I have just had enough. 

I tell you all this because you need to know what you’re getting yourselves into.

First, let me tell you what you won't be getting. You won't get to see Coach and I fall in love for the first time. You wont get to see our engagement or our wedding. You wont get to see our babies being born, so you won't get to see me waddle my largely pregnant belly into the stands on game days. 

All those memories we shared with our old school. Those memories we take with us and cherish. We are thankful for our old school and for the people we shared those memories with, but we are excited to see all the new memories we are going to make with you.  

Do you know what you are going to get? 

You are going to see our son’s first t-ball game, our daughter’s first dance recital, and many other firsts in their lives. You are going to get an amazing family who loves you already. A loud mouth coach’s wife who will cheer for your teams no matter the sport. She will wear your colors proudly everywhere she goes even in her hometown where the old school is. 

You are getting a little four year old boy who thinks his Daddy’s job is “baseball.”  He will scream and yell and cheer and tell you in a heartbeat he is a “Bulldog” with pride. 

You are getting a fiery little red headed two year old girl who thinks her Daddy hung the moon. She is going to be the one screaming “DADDY!!” at every game just to get a smile and a wave from him on third base. 

Most importantly, you are getting a Coach who puts his heart into the game, into teaching your kids not only to be great ballplayers but also to be great people. A Coach who is dedicated to his team and will fight for them at all cost. A Coach who loves what he does. A Coach who is proud to be a “Bulldog”. 

Sometimes in this life of Coaching, change is hard. 

You don’t know us and we don’t know you. We understand it may take a little while, and a few wins, for you to make a decision on us. Just know that we already made a decision on you. We are all in. We are excited to be part of your family and hope that you will let us welcome you into ours.

Get ready because the Edens have moved into town and we make a lot of noise!


That new coach’s wife.   

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