Dear Players Know This As Your Season Ends

Dear Players Know This As Your Season Ends

Dear Players,

I hope you know that when approached at the end of the game that closed the chapter on our season, the words spoken by your coaches were, “I am just so proud of them.”

For five months, you have each, hopefully, felt the weight of meticulous instruction, the momentary sting of a loving rebuke, the gentle pat of correction on the helmet and the ferocious slapping of approval on the shoulder pads, the heaviness of a loss marked by error and not lack of talent, the glory of a win well won, the pride of knowing who has your back and showing whose back you have, the pure exhaustion that can only result from pouring out every ounce of energy and effort into the game, and the supreme honor of having an artillery of devoted, loving, wise, and seasoned coaches who really, at the end of the day, are your Fathers of Football.

Every hour, day, weekend they were away from us, we know they were right there with you. The hours poured into war-gaming, dissecting film, countering plays, conditioning your bodies and minds, and time committed to your success goes not in vain but instead moves us to a place of deep admiration. Off the field and away from the field-house, you were on their minds day in and day out, as they looked to harness your strengths and challenge your weaknesses. Football is their job, but YOU are their passion.

Thank you for pushing our coaches. I hope you recognize what a privilege it is to be so close to men whom you can glean not only skill from, but the heart and wisdom that chisels young men into the best sons, brothers, friends, husbands, and daddies. We are confident this is who you are becoming and who you will be. Remember - winning was never a means to an end but a tangible way to reveal just how capable and powerful you all were - and are. While football is now over, the fight continues the fight to be dedicated, hardworking, sacrificial, obedient, loving, and servant-hearted.

Thank you for taking care of our coaches this season. While the end will sting for a little while longer, we are so glad to have them back.


A Coach’s Wife

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