Don’t Miss The Sisterhood

Don’t Miss The Sisterhood

I'm NOTORIOUS for doing too much at once. I'm always on the fly "multitasking," and not very well at that. Oops.

Once upon a time, Friday Night Wives posted a graphic that read "Don't Mess With The Sisterhood" (of Coaches' Wives). Of course, I read it wrong in the midst of *kind of* conquering all the things at once. I thought it said, "Don't Miss The Sisterhood," which was NOT the point of their post, but it certainly got me thinking.

This life of transitioning and constant change can really take a toll on what you're physically and mentally able to give. But precious friend and fellow coach's wife, can I help you shift your perspective?

We are but a mist. Our time here on earth is ever fleeting.

And honestly, so are many of our assignments. We never know just how long we'll be at a certain school and community. Let's agree to make the most of it. Let's agree to be a friendly face to the newcomer, a contact for *someone* on staff.

You don't have to hold a huge title to introduce yourself and offer your number. Insecurities can hold a lot of us back. We all feel unsure. We want to feel welcome, but in the beginning, we all feel like a bunch of awkward rookies- especially on an entirely new staff.

One step of faith to connect with another wife on staff can bring beautiful friendship and sweet camaraderie. The support and insight (and laughs) available to us through other women who get this life is unmatched.

I don't know about you, but in this beautifully chaotic, thrilling, and sometimes draining life, I don't want to miss the sisterhood.

Romans 1:12: "that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith."


Adrienne is the wife of a high school Defensive Coordinator in GA. They're entering their 10th season together and have two girls and a Velcro dog. She owns a business where she loves to create faith-based encouragement, especially for coaches’ wives.
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