Don't Forget—These Are the Good Ol' Days

Don't Forget—These Are the Good Ol' Days

My husband and I make every effort to get away, if even for a day, before football season officially begins.

One of our “go-to” destinations is Holmes County, here in Ohio. My heart is so abundantly full when I am decorating, and there is no shortage of shops there to appease my decorative heart. With kid-like anticipation, I wander from store-to-store, perusing endless displays of designing genius, waiting on that perfect thing to jump out at me and scream, “You want me for your living room!”

As I shop, my husband surprisingly (insert laughter) prefers to stay in the car. He usually gives me a smile when I return with multiple bags of what I call “The best deals! I could not pass these up!”

It’s truly a refreshing time for us both, as I get to enjoy something I absolutely love, and he more than welcomes the opportunity to clear his mind … sitting peacefully in a quiet car, jotting down X’s and O’s, drinking coffee, and anxiously awaiting the ice cream and home-cooked meal we are about to have for dinner.

Holmes County is one of our happy places, and it has quickly become a preseason must!   

This past summer, as I was walking through one of my favorite shops, I couldn’t help but notice a decorative hand towel, folded neatly amidst a beautiful display of farmhouse decor.

It read, “Just remember these are the Good ol’ Days.”

On any given day, I would have given this towel a quick smile, and then a “How cute!” as I continued about my shopping business. But, this day was different. 

We were on the heels of the COVID-19 lockdown. Businesses were beginning to reopen. The football team was given the green light to start training again. We had just spent months at home as a family, and while there were certainly times I felt like a caged tiger, I had definitely cherished the downtime we had together.

It really hit me. These ARE the good ol’ days!

One day, I will look back at this. I will reminisce with my husband about the days we are living right now.

It’s so easy to neglect these thoughts, and to dismiss them as silly, or overly sentimental.

I mean, after all, what could be so great about chaos … lack of sleep … juggling 20 different titles and a full-time job … baggy, dark circles under my eyes … too many Friday night drive-thru trips … and playing referee to those endless sibling rivalry showdowns?

The older I get, though, I am finding these annoyances are still part of my life journey. They are equally as important as the glimpses of time when I feel at peace.

I, of course, bought that towel.

It serves as my ever-present reminder to enjoy the moment, regardless of how negative or overwhelming it feels.

Rather than yearn for the day when my kids are more self-sufficient, or dream of walking into a football game without feeling like I just ran a marathon, I made a commitment, the day I hung it on my stove, to remember that these are the days I will one day miss.    

This season has been one for the record books. At least for my husband it has.

Between injuries, illness, and COVID quarantines, his full team never took the field one time.

I’m sure we are not the only ones experiencing the disappointments of 2020.

There has been abundantly more pitfalls this year than any other year that I’ve been a coach’s wife. But, one thing I can say for certain, is that my family will still miss it.

These are still the good ol’ days … when my twins are young and overjoyed to spend time with their dad and the team on the sidelines … when my daughter is one of the loudest cheerleaders in the stands, and isn’t the least bit embarrassed by it … and when my husband is blessed with the opportunity to mentor and lead a group of guys he loves like family.    

There is no doubt that coach’s wives keep the train rolling behind the scenes. Every so often, though, it’s perfectly acceptable to disembark, to stop and smell the roses, and to allow ourselves to recognize that our path also has meaning.

I have a wooden sign at my house that reads “Enjoy The Journey.” I love this! You deserve to! And, in case no one has yet told you—you also deserve a shopping trip, to find your very own, life-changing, decorative hand towel. Or maybe just something for your living room. Either way, go for it!  

Coach’s wife—You are special, and you are worthy! Take the time to enjoy your journey. You won’t regret it! f

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