Everybody Needs a Mrs. Regina

Everybody Needs a Mrs. Regina

My family and I met Mrs. Regina in May of 2019 when we were moving to Moultrie. She was our realtor; she spent hours helping us find the perfect home to raise our family. She was there every step, doing everything she could to help us secure our home. Not to mention showing up to closing with the sweetest housewarming gifts.

Little did my husband and I know how important she would be to us and our now football family. Later that July, I needed someone to grab Gunner from daycare because I got stuck at school. Mrs. Regina texted me to say she would grab him for me and bring him to me.

I could not believe the kindness.

As the seasons went on, Mrs. Regina attended practices, JV, and 9th-grade games, cooking and serving countless meals to players. But more importantly, Mrs. Regina showed up for my kid and the other coaches’ kids at birthday parties, grandparent days, and t-ball games. You name it (if she was extended an invitation), she would do her best to be there.

When I walked through my cancer journey, Mrs. Regina called and texted to check on me and my husband. She prayed for me and with me.

When our football family switched schools, Mrs. Regina was right there with us. When she walked up the steps of the stadium to our first game at our new school, I cried. She never once thought about saying goodbye to us. She continues to walk with us every step, every invitation.

So that’s why I say, “Everybody needs a Mrs. Regina.”

Mrs. Regina loves her neighbor without question or judgment. Her heart is so big for others that she serves without question. I can’t begin to tell you how many countless hours she has spent in a fieldhouse kitchen cooking dinner or breakfast. Then she serves it to 120 plus players and coaches AND cleans it all up. Just to do it again the next day all with a smile on her face. Not to mention, babysitting for coaches’ families for free or lending a hand where it was needed for us.

She truly is a servant for others, willing to give her shirt off her back for us or our players. I can’t imagine what a program would look like if they didn’t have a Mrs. Regina.

I hope you have a Mrs. Regina or someone like her in your football (or athletic) program. She is such a special person that Everyone Needs a Mrs. Regina in their life or football life.

So here’s to you, Mrs. Regina. Thank you for being a part of our football family and being my friend. I could not imagine football without you.


A former football coach’s daughter turned coach’s wife, Stephanie can be found on ringing her cowbell for the Central Yellow Jackets with her son, Gunner under the Friday Night Lights. She enjoys Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos, singing Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, and shopping for earrings and bracelets. @Mrs.Coach.Windon 

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