Five Good Excuses When You Want To Stay Home

Five Good Excuses When You Want To Stay Home

It’s the home season opener and I’m sitting on my couch.  In 13 years, I can count on both hands the times that I have missed a game.  And they were all away games. 

So this is a first for me.  And I could give you a hundred reasons for deciding to stay home. 

It’s a Saturday game. 

School is starting and I am not ready. 

The weather forecast falls somewhere between “instant sunburn” and “smokin’ hot.” 

I have a pinched nerve, a headache, and a week’s worth of anxiety. 

But the bottom line is that I just don’t want to go. 

I’ve moved past the point where I feel like I have to give excuses for my non-attendance because really I’m just doing what’s best for me. 

So, if you find yourself with no desire to go (gasp) and you just don’t want to face the judgment of others… here are a few solid excuses you can give.

“It’s Girl’s Night!  I need to hang with my favorite girls…” 
…specifically, Lorelai and Rory.  Gilmore. 
Since Coach is occupied, this is the time to rewatch all seven seasons.  I think I can fit in four or five episodes tonight. 

“I need to get groceries….”
…off my front porch.
 I scheduled a delivery and those groceries won’t walk in on their own.  I have to bring them in.  Then I’m going to take a bubble bath and paint my toenails. 

“Grandma is coming to visit…”
… in December. 
But you know what a stickler she is for the silver to be polished.  And since I don’t have any silver, I need to go online and buy some. 
Also, new shoes.  And the deal of the day on Amazon.  I might need it for grandma’s visit. 

“I’m really behind on some important things and I really need to catch up…”
…on my favorite shows.
 New episodes are now streaming and I’m three weeks behind.  And a quiet Friday night is just the right time. 

“Too far.  Too expensive.  Too long.  Too tired”
This a is a no-brainer.  These are super legitimate excuses. 
The game is three hours away. 
I have to take out a loan for admission and food. 
The game feels like it will never end. 
I’ve had a long week. 

Listen, dear Coach’s Wife, just stay home.  It’s ok. 

It doesn’t really matter why you are staying home.  Because it is important to take time for yourself. 

“Being there” for coach doesn’t mean that you have to be near in proximity on a Friday Night.  Sometimes it means that you take time to rejuvenate so that you can “be there” for him when he comes home.   

So wrap up things on that big project.  Stop running yourself and your kids in a hundred directions. 

Take sole possession of the remote.  Get in bed before 11 pm on at least one night. 

Trust your gut.  Get an iced latte and spend time on you.  You don’t have to go.

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