Goodnight Football Season

Goodnight Football Season

On the great big field

There was a scoreboard

And lights that shine

And a picture of

The mascot on the fifty-yard line.


And there was a host of big boys

And moms and dads

And six tired coaches

And their wives smiling with glee,

And little ones with wide eyes

And a ball and a dream

And a quiet announcer whispering “victory”.


Goodnight locker room

Goodnight field

Goodnight to our season.

Goodnight uniforms

Goodnight concession stand

Goodnight bleachers

And goodnight cheering fans.


Goodnight helmets

Goodnight shoulder pads

Goodnight grass

And goodnight flags.


Goodnight field house

And goodnight film.


Goodnight buses

And goodnight band.


Goodnight cheerleaders

Goodnight dancers

And goodnight to the announcer whispering “victory”.


Goodnight players

Goodnight coaches

And goodnight football, until next season.

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