Hello, Football Season!

Hello, Football Season!

Hello, Football Season!

Hello to football-in-August humidity. To melted-off makeup and really, big hair.
Hello to blazing hot stadium risers and lukewarm concession stand dinners.

To bags full of band-aides and hand wipes and snacks. So. Many. Snacks.

Hello to bleacher seat critics and late night phone calls. 
To needy children missing their daddies and needy us missing our men.

To struggling and sacrifice and feeling alone.

But... HELLO

We are NOT alone.

Because hello to our football family! 

Hello to the people who get us.

To the folks who know the ins and outs—the survival skills—to battle this season. 

Hello to our stadium sister-wives—our side-chicks, our bleacher babes—and hello to our coaches' kids clan.

Y'all know this life, this grind, this goodness we get to call ours. 

Hello to our football family, who helps boost our morale, and helps corral our kiddos, and helps make this crazy-cool (so often more crazy than cool) life that we live the best around.

Hello, Football Season!

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