Hello New State And New High School

Hello New State And New High School

Hello, new state and new high school:

I am the new head coach's wife. You probably haven't heard about me yet, but I will be seeing you very soon. I know that there are a lot of rumblings about how excited you are for my husband's arrival, but my son and I are here as well.

I will be the one in the stands cheering the loudest with our infant son on my hip. Our son is three months old and cannot wait to watch daddy coach and his new brothers play. He looks up to your sons more than you could ever truly imagine. He wants to be like them one day, as they are his hero.

If there is one piece of advice I would like to share, it is to let your sons know there is always a younger boy watching them—a younger boy who cannot wait to be in their shoes one day. Give little kids high fives and make the time to speak to them. They have no idea how much it means to a child.

To say you're getting the most passionate, caring, and loving coach is an understatement. I fell in love with a man who loves mentoring and creating leaders. I fell in love with a man who puts his everything into your sons. Your sons will become my son and a part of our family. They will be taken care of in every aspect of their life, from football to school to real-life situations.

We were once told by a fellow coach that we are in this profession to pay it forward. Someone once put time and care into my husband, and his goal is to pay it forward to your son, who we hope passes it to someone else.

This is our fourth state we have lived in together following our football dream. I once worked in football operations, so to say we are a football family is not even close to being the correct word to describe us.

This new state and school have welcomed us with open arms, as I know my husband is nothing you have had before. He brings years of playing and coaching knowledge from all levels.

The passion you will see at workouts, practice, and game days is something you cannot describe, and it will be truly fun to watch. You will see your sons transform physically and mentally as their time with my husband grows. If your son wants to play football in college, you have the right coach to guide them along the way.

They will be coached in the classroom as well. Grades are a requirement to play for my husband as it is so important for their futures.

From a coach's wife, especially a head coach's wife, I ask for your understanding and support. My husband gives up a lot of time with myself and our son to coach your sons.

This means I spend a lot of time on my own with my son, which is a lot of sacrifice. My husband misses dinners, work events, daycare events, and many more to put his all into your sons and his team. Please make no mistake about the time commitment it takes to run a successful team.

The sacrifices a coach's family makes are hard, but it is worth it to let my husband coach his passion and see how happy it makes him. He is not just making great football players. He is making good men. I ask for your sons to give as much energy and time into this game as my husband does, as it takes a whole team to be successful.

We cannot wait to see you at the games and to watch your sons grow. I am excited to have you all watch my son grow right alongside. We are invested in this community and this team of Panthers. I hope you are all ready for the Curry's!

The family alongside your head football coach.


Kelsey Curry is the head coach's wife of Coach Curry at Belgrade HS in Belgrade, MT. They have one son who is three months old, and she has been a coach's wife for 3 years (together for 8.) She is the Assistant Athletic Director for the Annual Scholarship Fund at Montana State University. She hopes by sharing her stories, she can help other wives and families. It isn't always easy being a coach's wife. She hopes she can provide a playbook of success.
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