I See You, Coach's Wife.

I See You, Coach's Wife.

I see you, coach's wife.

You do your best managing the chaos of the season, your spouse's schedule, and the kids' schedule.

You order the groceries, you cook the meals, you do the laundry, you clean the house, and you keep the home afloat during the busy season.

You are always available to help with homework, and you stay up late to be a listening ear to coach when he needs to vent. You are strong.

You have a smile on your face every Friday night, and you have coffee in hand every Saturday morning at the next sporting event. You do all the things, and to the visible eye, you do them well without a care in the world.

But, how are you really doing?

How do you deal with the keyboard warriors?
How do you tolerate seeing coach's name across all the local gossip pages?
How does it feel to walk to the concession stand and hear people talking about coach or you?
How are you holding up with the negativity that comes with being a sports family, wife to the coach, and in the public eye?

You would like to say you are doing well.
You are able to tune out the noise.
You let the rude comments, the personal attacks on social media, and the lies roll off your shoulders.

You would like to say that it doesn't hurt your feelings when people want your husband fired and your family to move out of the community.

You would like to say all of that, but does it bother you?

You will most likely answer, some days yes and some days no.

Yes, some days you are confident. You know the truth. You know the impact that your family and staff have had on entire teams of student-athletes. You see the athletes growing up to be amazing spouses and parents and have careers such as police officers, management, or even becoming teachers and coaches themselves. You see their success, and you know that you were a small part of their amazing story.

But some days, no. Some days, you are not okay. You struggle to keep your mind off of the pain that came from a difficult season. You can't tune out the noise, and you find yourself at a low point, scrolling social media to see what people are saying about your coach months later. Some days are heavy, you are on the brink of tears, and you are already worrying about what the next season will bring. Some days, you have to convince yourself that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Some days, being the wife of a coach is hard.

So, how are you doing, coach's wife?

Hopefully, most days, you can confidently say, I am strong, and I am positive. I am capable of holding things together when the chaos seems like it is too much. I am doing the best that I can. And even with the highs and the lows, the wins and the losses, the upset parents and the supportive ones, my family has a part in changing the trajectory of so many important young lives.

Some days are harder than others, but you, coach's wife, YOU are a difference maker. You strive to see the good in others, and although some may try to lessen your impact or dim your light, you will continue to shine whether they like it or not.
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