I Vow to Always Kiss You if I'm Awake When You Come Home ... and Other In-Season Vows

I Vow to Always Kiss You if I'm Awake When You Come Home ... and Other In-Season Vows

To my Coach.

Ten years ago (almost eleven), I stood in front of God and everyone and said my vows aloud and professed my [continued] undying love for you.

And I would like to do the same again today …

I vow to put forth the effort to ensure the kids see you.

At least 2-3 nights a week when you can’t be home in time for dinner, showers, or bedtime routines, I'll make sure they get to spend time with you. Whether it be right after dinner and before bed or making sure they are all together to say goodnight before we head for our after-school routines, I vow to make the extra effort to ensure they see their daddy as a family.

I vow to not be so quick to anger.

It is a lot of stress to speed from work to pick up the baby by 5:30 then to get the rest of the girls. It is a stressful to make sure they are picked up during game days or when your schedule has changed. Making sure four children are accounted for is a stressful job and one that wears on my emotions, but I vow to make sure to not take it out on you this season, to roll with the punches to the best of my ability.

I vow to incorporate family time one night a week with all of us.

Whether it is park time, gym time, or dinner time, I vow to make the effort to have us all together for at least one day a week without social media, distractions, or anger. Although I am totally content with you being one room away, you holding the baby and watching a game, I vow to make sure the children see how much we truly love each other, even if a kiss every now and again grosses them out immensely.

I vow … or rather … I will try to vow ... to not scrutinize every late text or every late night call.

I know you are paid for only a certain amount of time. BUT, we both know that a day’s work is never done, especially during the season. I promise to give you the benefit of the doubt that the text or call that comes through is important enough for you to check without me asking one hundred questions and giving you the side-eye about if it is worth interrupting our time together. I get it.

I vow to ask you about every game’s outcome.

It is easy to become frustrated with you when you haven’t been home for the 400th meltdown and for the 50th fight requiring a referee. It’s easy to not care about what you’ve been doing while I have been handling the home front, but I do truly care. I do care about how much you have prepared for each game and how well the girls have performed. I care about them as much as you do. I feel their happiness when they succeed and feel the sorrow when they have failed. I promise to not become bitter that you’ve missed games or practices while making sure four children stay alive. You’re just doing your job. And ... you’re doing it very well.

I vow to kiss you every night I am awake when you get in bed.

We have found ourselves in a crazy and busy life with four little girls and it is important for us to begin and end the day with love. I love you with my whole heart and love to watch you succeed. I love to watch you scheme. I love to watch you, coach. I love to be your wife. I promise to continue to show you, my love, even when we have had a rough evening at home.

I vow to love you through it all. Through the wins. Through the losses. I vow to love you as much as I did in the beginning. I wouldn’t change this life for anything in the world. I vow to stick with you through it all.

Thank you for being mine. Thank you for providing for our family. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being their coach. Thank you for being there for them. Thank you for being a role model to our girls.

Thank you, Coach.

Go get ‘em! Go cats!

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