Love Letter to the Current Owners of My Future House

Love Letter to the Current Owners of My Future House

Dear Lovely Family in the Beautiful Old House on Houston Avenue:

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to view your home. My name is Abbey Nucci and I am the wife of a football coach, mother of four, a high school teacher, an entrepreneur, an occasional guest writer for Friday Night Wives, and avid HGTV watcher.

We are a football family who has been fortunate enough to not have to move for the past ten years.

Last week, things changed very abruptly when my husband was presented with a wonderful opportunity in Crockett, Texas. 

If you don’t know any coaches’ wives personally, the first thing we do when we hear of a new job possibility is log on to the Realtor app and visualize what our life might be like there. When I saw your beautiful home listed, my immediate response was, “I can absolutely live here--this should be on HGTV!”

It is the type of home my husband, Michael, and I have always longed for: historic, updated interior, and much to my five-year-old’s delight--a pool AND a swing set! Our whole family approves (probably Chip and Jo Jo too!).

We have always dreamt of raising our two youngest children in a small town. You see, our two oldest children-- my step children-- are both in college now, and we want more culture and community than life in Dallas can give them. I grew up in a small Central Texas town about the size of Crockett, and the experiences and life lessons I learned there were invaluable. Small town people are just a different kind of people, and they’re the kind of people we want around our family. 

It’s easy to see, even from pictures, that there have been generations of love and laughter that have passed through the rooms of your home.

If I’m still and quiet, I can hear the patter of my daughter’s little feet on the wooden floors echoing down the hallway, calling out to me to come look at the beautiful “creation” she just made with her new art set.

I can hear my voice calling out to my son playing in the summer heat in the backyard way past his bedtime.

I can feel the rush of excitement when my stepson and stepdaughter run up the brick steps, fling open the front door at Thanksgiving Break, and call out to us, “we’re home!”

And I know because my family will feel at home here, that I will be just fine starting over too. 

I am hopeful and I know that above all, it’s in His hands.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Abbey Nucci and Family

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