Not Your Typical Friday Night

Not Your Typical Friday Night

It was a cold Friday night during football season. I was helping sell merchandise to raise money for the football program. In the midst of football season, I potty trained our daughter. Everyone told me it was a bad idea, but what can I say? I like to march to the beat of my own drum.

Any other coaches' wives potty train a child during football season? Just me? 
Anywho, while outside in the freezing cold, instead of my daughter telling me she had to go to the bathroom, she asked me to hold her, and then she proceeded to pee on me in the freezing cold. I felt the cold stream running down the side of my sweatshirt. The night air felt so much colder where the pee spot had formed. It was a night I wouldn't forget.

Sometimes as a new football season begins, I feel like a child learning to potty train.

Now, wait, hold up. Hear me out. 

Every football season starts with transitioning back into "the season." We spend energy and time figuring out the ropes, kids going to school, late-night dinners, hot football games, sometimes long car drives, waking up extra early to help, heating leftovers,  making two dinners, one for the kids and one for the adults, explaining to friends and family for the billionth time why you can't come to the family event that was scheduled during football season even though they know your husband is a coach and the list goes on. 

Football season is not for the faint of heart. But realize you are making a difference.

Your kids see you taking them to the football games to see their daddy for five minutes.  They see how hard you and your coach are working to make a difference and try to be a light in this broken world.  They see you on the nights you can barely keep your eyes open but manage to put a smile on your face even though you and your hubby are exhausted.

Your kids see you.
The football players see you.
The parents, see you.

Sometimes as coaches' wives, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget our lives are not our own. Yet, Jesus came to be the greatest servant of all, and as coaches' wives, we are servants not only in our home but outside of it as well.

Even though we are called to serve, we were also created to carry each other's burdens. This is where your coaches' wives come in. When everything starts to get overwhelming,  it's so nice to know that God gave you other sisters to share in this football life. 

So on those days where you feel overwhelmed and sleep-deprived, grab your Bible and some coffee and have a heart-to-heart with Jesus. He cares about the sloppy, messy details in every area of your life.

And, for goodness sake, if you think your child has to go to the bathroom, don't pick him or her up and let them pee on you. And if you do, bring an extra pair of clothes and some extra caffeine and find the nearest coach's wife.

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