Reset and Recharge: 6 Ideas for the Coaching Couple on Winter Break

Reset and Recharge: 6 Ideas for the Coaching Couple on Winter Break

While winter break doesn't always mean your calendar is empty, it is still a time to relax and recharge! This time is crucial to coaching couples to regroup and strengthen our relationships for the coming year. Intentional time as a couple is always important but often neglected. Now is the time to make a plan to reconnect and have a little fun!

1. Day Trip         

Sometimes, you just need to getaway. Day Trips are perfect for couples and families alike! One of our favorite weekend activities is visiting a nearby small mountain town. Exploring the bookstores, eating at the local pizza place, and shopping while enjoying the seasonal decorations makes you feel like you are in a real-life Lifetime movie! Visit a place that grabs your interest-maybe a nearby town with a great hiking trail, sports museum, or restaurant you've been meaning to try. Grab a cup of coffee, hit the road, and start exploring!
Pro Tip: Google "Top Activities in Town You Want to Visit" and check sites like Eventbrite and Facebook Events for free activities going on that weekend.

2. Have a Slow Morning

One of our favorite things to do is sleep in late and stay in bed just a little longer watching TV or just talking before a busy day sets in. Then, grab a late breakfast or early lunch at a local spot and relish in the fact you actually have time for extra rest and slow-moving days! 
Pro Tip: If you have young kids, arrange a sleepover with friends. Trade weekends so everyone on staff has a break, and the kids get bonus "friend time."

3. Date Night In

Going out can be a hassle- sometimes we just want to stay in! Try a new recipe (homemade pizzas are always a hit!) or have your favorite foods delivered for a relaxing evening together. Find a cheesy movie to watch with the kids or a romantic one just for the two of you. Make it a special evening by lighting a few candles, making a blanket fort, or playing music you can dance to!  

4. Weekend Getaway

Take your day trip to the next level! When we are in season, weekend trips are never on the table! Time away is just what the doctor ordered for a tired coach and wife who has missed him greatly. Find a sweet Airbnb in the mountains or book a fancy hotel with a spa in the city. Try new restaurants, visit the popular area sites, and even shop local! Whatever you do, make sure to put those phones away and truly connect.

5. Visit a Tree Farm or Drive Through Christmas Lights

 What better time to visit a tree farm than Christmas! Twinkling lights and the smell of pine needles are just what we need to get into the spirit of the season. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle up in your most cozy sweater for a night that is sure to bring smiles to everyone's faces! Don't forget to take lots of pictures!
Pro Tip: Do you live where there's snow? Grab some sleds and find a hill! An afternoon of play followed by warming up by the fire is a great way to reconnect.

6. Take a Hike (or Walk!)

Fresh air and time away from the hustle and bustle of the world during the holidays? Yes, please! Take a breather from the chaos and go on a walk around the neighborhood or a hike at your favorite spot. Time spent walking or hiking. Exercise in nature is always a great chance to talk with our loved ones without the distractions of the world around us.
Whatever you do this winter break, whether it's sleeping late or taking a vacation, I hope you find rest, relaxation, and reconnection that will fill your cup! Happy Holidays, coach's wives!
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