She’s the Coach's Wife

She’s the Coach's Wife

Everyone knows her.

She's the one that's chasing your coach's littles around the bleachers and the end zone at every game.

She's the one taking a gaggle of coaches' kids to the concession stand, bathroom, etc. to give another momma a minute to breathe.

She's the one decked out every game in team colors, even though this isn't her alma mater.

She's the one caravanning in - with camp chairs, blankets, happy meals, water bottles, and toys so the kids are entertained, and she can "maybe" catch a few snaps of the game.

She's the one talking with the other wives about all the easy dinner ideas and how annoying it was that practice ran late into the night a few nights ago.

She's the one who knows your kids. Not personally for some, but she knows their strengths, both on the field and off, because she is your coach's ear to listen and unwind at the end of every day.

She's the one, at the end of every game, waiting to congratulate or console your coach and his boys.

She's the one helping clean up, letting his own littles experience firsthand the difference their dad is making in your baby boy's life.

She's there. She's important. And she's freakin' awesome.

To my Friday Night Wives besties- keep up the good work, sisters.


Megan is a fairly new coaches wife and momma to 2 awesome boys. Her husband quit his corporate job and followed his dreams 4 years ago to teach and coach at his Alma Mater and life has not looked the same since. It’s enriching, it’s exhausting, and it’s absolutely incredible.
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