So God Made an O-Lineman

So God Made an O-Lineman

Neither of our girls understands how important their Daddy’s job is. It’s 24/7–365, even on vacation. They don’t understand the late nights and the stress, worry, pressure, and strength it takes to be successful at his job.

In football, especially college football, many people often measure success as wins on their schedule. And while winning is always fun, this picture describes winning to me- one of our players, who my girls love and look up to taking time to “race” with our youngest. He didn’t have to stop and pay any attention to her. He could’ve kept going to celebrate with his family and teammates.

But the level of respect and love he (and all of his teammates, frankly) has for my husband is something that I cherish. To me, that shows not only their character but their integrity, and these are the little things that my girls will always remember.

So God made an o-lineman…

There were trenches to fight in and brothers to protect. So God made an O-lineman.

There were blindsides to watch and knockdowns to be made. So God made an O-lineman.

There was character to uphold and integrity to build. So God made an O-lineman.

There were boys on the field that left there as men. So God made an O-lineman.

There were little eyes watching and faces beaming with pride. So God made an O-lineman.

While sometimes a thankless job and often overlooked by the fame of the sport, the Hawgs that come together for the love of the game leave the field that will always remember their names.

So God made an O-lineman.


I’m Leah Ross—wife to Adam and mom of two little girls who love and adore their “Boss Hawgs”. My husband is the O-Line/Co-Offensive Coordinator at The University of Richmond. Both of us are originally from the South (AL/GA) and we don’t take for granted the opportunity that we’ve been given to be involved in the lives of our players and helping to shape their character—seeing them mentor our children is the icing on the cake.
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