Striking the Balance: Thriving as a Coach's Wife and Working Mom in Real Estate

Striking the Balance: Thriving as a Coach's Wife and Working Mom in Real Estate

Greetings from the heart of Portland, Texas! My daily life is a crazy mix of motherhood, a high school coach's wife, a friend, and a full-time real estate career.

The Highs of Coaching Life- There's a certain buzz in our home during the season – a blend of anticipation and the thrill of competition. My husband's role as an assistant offensive coach brings us closer to the heart of Portland, immersing us in a community that thrives on teamwork and achievement. This environment offers our daughter a front-row seat to the values of dedication and persistence, mirroring the effort I put into helping families find their dream homes.

Navigating the Challenges: From Sidelines to Signings- The synergy between the bleachers and business does come without its hurdles. Time management becomes as critical as any playoff strategy, especially when open houses, showings, and game days clash on the calendar. Emotions run high, too, mirroring the peak moments of home buying and selling with the climactic highs and lows of the sports seasons.


**The Playbook for Balance**
Here are some game-changing strategies that keep our family sane and our household running during the season:

  • Set Achievable Goals: I've learned to set realistic goals daily, which helps in managing expectations and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed. 
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Taking care of myself is non-negotiable. A rested, healthy mom is the cornerstone of a happy home and a successful career. I recently started taking Mondays OFF from work to catch up on house things and take care of myself a bit. 
  • Heed Wisdom: I often turn to seasoned mothers and coaches' wives for advice. Their insights are as valuable as a veteran quarterback's playbook. I have been a coach's wife for seven years now, and some of the advice I got when my daughter was first born really saved my sanity.
  • Establish Boundaries: Clear boundaries ensure that both our family time and my client meetings are respected and uninterrupted. A few years ago, I learned that turning my phone to Do Not Disturb was ok. 
  • Lean on Your Support System: Our extended family, friends, and coworkers are our cheerleaders. Their support is crucial, especially when unexpected changes throw a flag on our plans. The bonus to this life is making friends and having friends all over the state. 
  • Embrace Flexibility: When the game plan changes, I'm ready to call an audible, whether it's in a listing presentation or during a family outing. (I will admit I am still struggling with this. I am a sucker for routine and a schedule.) 
  • Seek Guidance When Needed: For any challenges that seem out of my league, I reach out to my village for advice. I have been lucky to create a small village with each place and season of life, which has created some lifelong friends. 

Where Family, Football, and Real Estate Meet- Life as a coaching family is nothing short of dynamic. We're a team in every sense of the word, from supporting my husband's team to guiding new homeowners across the threshold. Portland, Texas, is our playing field, a place where safety, growth, and community spirit flourish, much like the young athletes we cheer on every season.

In this thriving town, I'm not just selling houses; I'm helping to build a community—one that understands the values of home, both on the field and off.


Andi Holmgreen was born and raised in the San Antonio area. She met her husband in coastal South Texas, got married in 2014 and they welcomed their daughter in 2016.  As a University of North Texas alumna, Andi's commitment to education and community runs deep. Their family currently resides in Portland, Texas and is a part of the Gregory-Portland Wildcat nation!
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