The First Note of Band Season Brings Me to Tears

The First Note of Band Season Brings Me to Tears

It's like I can't even write a sentence until the first beat of a snare drum, and just like that year six of band wife life six kicks off.  Then once the first song finishes, it’s like I can’t find enough words, or the right ones, to express how great this life is.

I just attended our Fall athletics pep rally and as I do every year, I get teary when the band starts. There is just something about standing shoulder to shoulder with a community of people who believe so much in our school and students. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when our son makes it here. 

It's been a little more than a month since band started in our house, I have watched as my husband tirelessly, with enthusiasm, rises out of bed to get to work on his show for the year. Braving 100-plus degree heat, he joins the staff and students out on the scorching cement as well as finding refuge inside when the heat is inhumane.
Recently I saw the band’s first stadium practice. Again, I find myself emotional over the effort they've already put in. Despite the message being simple, it seems to be a constant reminder that if they just keep practicing, if they just continue to put the effort in, if they just focus on the game, it will all pay off.

Right now though, they're all sunburned and very tired. But that's really the name of the game, isn’t it? If it wasn’t band, it could just as easily be football, track, volleyball, or something else. To lead and convince a large group of students, telling them if they just stay the course they’ll see their efforts come to fruition.  This is what makes their jobs so difficult sometimes—even when all the chips are stacked against them, they must continue to believe and lead others to understand there’s a win to be had.

My husband does it with a grace and commitment that makes him my hero.

As his wife, I should probably take a page from his own teachings. Enjoying these early moments of the journey and the climb towards competition season. When there’s heat to bear at home, to try to remember and focus on the end game, not the stresses of the moment. 

These seasons are the ones that grow us. He reminds me to commit to the cause, and I'll eventually see a win because of our efforts.

Just don’t forget sunscreen.

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