We're entering the final days of the football season. Many of you likely spent part of the of 2021 season snuggled up on the couch with your favorite coach, snacking on amazing food, and watching the best teams compete. It will be months before we high school and college teams compete again, but for coaching families the season is never completely behind us. That's the reality of the coaching life, and it's what we love about this football life.



Football creates a bond with no match.
100% effort each tackle, run, catch.
A complicated game, Coach loves as they learn.
A desire to play in their hearts and minds burn.
Home rivalry game, packed with a crowd,
families watching, thankful and proud.
Holding our breath, huge nerves in the stands,
stressing, jumping, and clapping of hands.
A slap on the helmet, chest bump, high five,
for a huge interception with an outstretched dive.
Hoodies, lights, cheer, band, hope, grimace, grin,
a last play touchdown- screaming, tears for the win.
Off-season, summer strength, practice, games, playoffs, state,
dedication and fun these all help create.
What’s bigger to them than the wins and the losses,
is believing in them ‘fore the coin even tosses.
A head coach one day with a trophy up high,
no doubt in my mind that you are that guy!


He doesn’t take it lightly that “Coach” is his title,
a mentor like him in their lives is so vital.
Loving a hundred young men as their own,
coaches reflect on the seeds to be sown.
Integrity, discipline, perseverance- a few,
compassion, teamwork, and confidence, too.
Showing class in triumph and defeat,
repping the Shield to all who we meet.
Prayers before games in the end zone,
checking on injuries over the phone.
Giving rides, staying late, providing food and advice,
hoping our help can do more than suffice.
Loss, abuse, sickness, trials, grief, pain,
nothing we face as a group is in vain.
Sometimes a chance to take a kiddo in,
in a heartbeat- we’ll do these again and again.
A father-figure, seeing his care,
makes him a bit easier for me to share.
Teaching ways to live an honorable life-
how to treat friends and family, pursue a good wife.
Living out our faith, when emotions are high,
the two of us laugh, celebrate, embrace, and cry.
As each day we draw our strength from the Lord,
this career, lifestyle rather, becomes such a reward.


Each season is long, many points take a toll.
It’s our ministry though, a God-ordained role.
Stopped counting times he gets home late,
I’m asleep, he says hi, eats his cold dinner plate.
Often lonely, glad for hobbies and friends.
A sigh of relief when the Fall season ends.
Moms’ endless to-do lists, about to drown,
try to fill our cup daily and straighten our crown.
His text, “I forgot”, fill in the blank with whatever,
the season is proof that we’re stronger together.
Kids with big eyes watch Daddy lead,
then sprint on the field for that hug that they need.
The field house is like their second home,
locker rooms, fields, the office they roam.
A hundred big brothers, all in tow,
to play with our babies, be here as they grow.
Game pants, that headset, man hubby is fine.
I thank God each day that he’s all mine.
A post-game kiss, photo, chat of our day,
then until 2 AM at the field house, you’ll stay.
He is faithful to our weekly date night,
nothing like being in his presence and sight.
My best friend getting to live out his dream,
makes me joyful and makes him beam.


First car in the lot and the last to leave,
a genuine man, wears his heart on his sleeve.
7 days a week- his 2nd job,
from personal time it always will rob.
“Barely standing, but am I doing enough?”
 His determination has got to be tough.
Film, scouting, laundry, parents, meetings, game plans,
few responsibilities are viewed from the stands.
Typically nice to be known in our towns,
however, it has its ups and downs.
Yelling, gossip, slander, lies,
try to face these things with grace in our eyes.
Now coaches expected to drive the bus, too,
not safe, they’re exhausted, on top of all that they do.
But even with all the hardships, he’ll say,
“I’m making a difference at the end of each day.”


Graduation comes and they’re more on their own.
We look back and smile for how much they’ve grown.
14 year-olds turned into men,
but how did it happen exactly and when?
College or work, married, maybe a family,
they hold high school football in their memory.
Our desire- they know they can call anytime.
With no questions asked we’ll be there on a dime.
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