To the Coach's Wife Doing All the Things and Getting None of the Thanks

To the Coach's Wife Doing All the Things and Getting None of the Thanks

So like many of you this summer, I loaded up the back of a U-Haul truck and navigated to a new community at a new school. Turned my entire family’s life upside for the game.

We are all mid-season now settling into the new place, wearing our new colors with pride, finding a groove in a new schedule.

But maybe for some of you, it isn’t all the rainbows and sunshine you hoped for, dreamed for, and sadly, were maybe even promised.

We all know the Devil is always ready to destroy any joy, which is so easy in this new place with new faces. Whether you have found joy or are still searching, remember you are not alone. I am right there with you.

My coach and I were so excited, so on fire for this new experience and opportunity; we jumped in the deep end not looking with no life jackets, trusting in God's plan.

Now, I look around mid-season, and the Devil is working hard on my heart; some would even say overtime. While trying to navigate a new teaching position, coach’s new schedule, and an 18-month-old bouncy baby boy, I lost it. I lost my joy and seeing God’s true blessing for my life.

Let me set the scene for you.

I am standing in the middle of an event at my school, and I look around at all the people not in attendance who should be there.

I think back to all the text messages and emails I received complaining about having to participate. And I lose it, quietly, but still … I literally walk away.

As I walk down the hall, I feel the tears welling up in my eyes and, not wanting teenagers to see me cry (trust me, tears to teenagers can be DANGEROUS!), I dart into the first classroom I know.

Lucky for me, I know this teacher. As she comes through the door holding a box of tissues, I begin weaving my tale of woe.

I tell her how exhausted I am from balancing our new life. I tell her how miserable I am at my job. I tell her how horribly things went at the event. But the last thing I tell her is, "How can people be so unappreciative they can’t see how good they have it and the blessing in front of them."

And she looks at me and says, “The Devil works hard to steal our joy, but we have to remember our works are not for mankind. Our work is for the Lord. Man will never shout praises louder than the Lord; he will reward you when you least expect it. And in the end, someone is appreciative of all that you have done. You will know in time.”

The bible verse she is referencing is Colossians 3:25: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”

At that moment, it dawned on me.

God has singlehandedly placed me where I am today. He picked me and my family to come to this community to work for Him, to do his will not mine.

I was reminded that the only praise I need is His. That the only approval that matters is His and that the only person’s voice I need to hear is His.

No matter what you are experiencing in this new chapter of life, remember: You and Your Coach are working for our Lord. You are working on things and for things that are guided by His Plan.

And even though it would be nice for the people around us to sing our praises, nothing will compare to the praises the Lord will sing to us quietly, alone, in worship with him.

His timing is perfect and he will reward your works because they are for him.

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