To the Coach's Wife with Anxiety, You'll be Stronger on the Other Side

To the Coach's Wife with Anxiety, You'll be Stronger on the Other Side

You can feel it. Every bit of weight on your shoulders. Mentally and more undesirably, physically. The elephant sitting on your chest. Day and Night.

The days can feel so long and with the uncertainty of these times, even longer.

You’re used to a routine. And you function well with one, as do your kids. Getting the schedule every year and writing it all down in your perfectly picked out planner makes you feel at ease. You can control this. And control feels good.

But now, it feels like you are spiraling.

What will our days look like?
Will my kids feel any type of normalcy?
Will there be practices and games?
Will we receive our pay?
Will our athletes have another chance to perform?
Will we lose a sense of community?

The manifestation of negative thoughts is hard to push aside. And the more you try not to think about it, the more consuming it is.

Your once controlled chaos, now feels uncontrollable. Now we are stuck dealing with this discomfort.

But with discomfort comes growth.

It may be hard to see when you’re still in the thick of it, but it does. And that growth is SO GOOD.

The kind of growth that only forms through really crappy situations where you feel stuck, nervous, anxious, and often angry.

The kind where you can’t sleep well at night and you’re worried for your husband and his team.

The kind that feels like no matter what you do, you can’t keep your head above water.  

When it feels like everything is going downhill, tell yourself that through the chaos, you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

You may not know what lies ahead of you at the moment, in the coming months, or even within the next year, but knowing Who holds your future will help put your mind at ease. It won’t always be easy and is much easier said than done. But hold firm to your faith, focus on what you can control, and rely on that coach of yours if you need a little pick me up.

After all, they’re usually pretty well versed in adversity. ;)

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