To the High School Girls My Husband Coaches

To the High School Girls My Husband Coaches

Dear Girls,

Although it may seem to slowly drag on, your four years in the halls of this school will zoom by. My dream for you is to know your worth and value. Treasure these years, and use them to grow into the young adult you dream to be. Adulthood looms just around the corner, so take advantage of this time to cherish relationships, make an abundance of memories, and cultivate a unique you.

If I could go back to my days of textbooks and lockers, Friday night football games and dances, I wish that someone would have spoken these words to me.

Get Involved and Make Memories.

High school is often called the “glory days” for a reason. Soak in every moment. Get involved—in a club, sport, or group. Dance in the football stands while yelling at the top of your lungs. Make friends and be goofy together—they will be with you for a lifetime. Get all dressed up, go to prom, and dance the night away. You don’t need a date. Experience all of the senior “last” moments. Walk the stage proudly. These memories will stick with you forever, so make fun, meaningful ones.

Have Confidence. You Are Strong and Beautiful.

Look in the mirror and say, “Oooh girl, you look good!” Have confidence in yourself. Make a list of things you are capable of and love about yourself. You are worthy of love. You are valued beyond measure. You are capable of anything you decide to do if you push yourself to achieve it. High school is such a rough place for your self-esteem and image. Don’t let the comparison game bring you down. You are you, and no one can be a replacement.

You Can Be Included Even Without That Designer Bag!

I can’t say it enough—stop comparing yourself to everyone else. There will always be someone more talented than you in certain areas. Find what you are good at and run with it! Better yourself every single day, and let others inspire and coach you along the way. There will always be girls who have the more fashionable clothes, bags, make-up, or hair. Value what you have and what you have been given. Find the joy in your friendships and passions—not in your material possessions. Trust me, you don’t need that fancy purse to be happy. When you get it, you’ll just want the newer one. Find your own style, and rock it. Find your joy in the moments, not the materials.

Be A Friend.

High school is a roller coaster of a ride for friendships and relationships. Find the girl who sits by herself or seems a little outcast, and be a friend and kind spirit for them. Go out of your way to make others feel welcome, valued, and seen. Stop focusing so much on who is leaving you out or what group you want to be part of. Some girl is thinking that same thing and wishing she could be included with you. Open yourself up. We are all different. Embrace those differences, learn something new, and accept without hesitation.

Be Comfortable As Yourself Before You Add In Love.

You don’t need a man, but if you find one, he better be amazing. Don’t spend your four years wishing and dreaming for a boy so much that you tear down your own self image. Don’t change who you are nor leave behind your values for a boy. He isn’t worth the sacrifice. I don’t care who he is! Find yourself and become the original and unique you. Value your talents, looks, and spirit. You don’t need anyone to “complete you” or make you whole. Now, if you find a good man in high school, I can attest that high school sweethearts can be a success—although it is rare. Be you and be strong. If you find someone, he better not make you compromise who you are, but rather value who you are and all that you bring to the relationship.

Go out into the world, young woman. Be who you want to be, and don’t let anyone stop you. Stand courageous when drama, fears, or uncomfortable circumstances try to hold you back. Invest your time wisely. Find your niche and give all of yourself to those who you care for. Serve with an open and loving heart. Most of all, create those mental photographs and memories that you will hold tightly for eternity.

I wish for you all your dreams and so much more.

- Your Coach’s Wife, Cheerleader, Mentor, and Friend

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