Top Ways to Support a Coaching Family In Season

Top Ways to Support a Coaching Family In Season

One of the most amazing treasures a coaching family receives from their community is people who welcome them with friendship. Being new in town is always stressful. Even if you move every few years (or more often), it’s never easy to be the new family.

Coaching families need support even in the seasons where they win the state or national championship. If you are currently living several hours from your favorite coaching family’s newest team or are lucky enough to live down the street, there are specific ways you can let your favorite coach, his wife, and his kids all know you are cheering them on while they are in the midst of the crazy every season brings.

Here are my Top Ways to Support a Coaching Family in Season:

Attend Games

Whether you buy a season pass or drive in for the season opener, it’s always great to see a friendly face in the crowd. Make sure you wear the team colors (I cannot emphasize this point enough), plan to grab something from the concession stand, and cheer loudly when Coach’s team does something great. This commitment may seem small on your part, but your supportive presence speaks volumes.

You can take things a step further by joining in with tailgating or pre-game traditions. If you are visiting a coaching family with young kids, try to help keep an eye on them. Wives with small children often miss much of the game, and I guarantee your help would be deeply appreciated!

Support the Boosters

Booster Clubs are the lifeblood of many teams. Your contribution whether purchasing a t-shirt or hat, participating in a 50/50 raffle or getting popcorn from the concessions helps your favorite coach’s team buy important things like uniforms and helmets.

Not interested in another t-shirt? Send a check! Your $10 gift will show the Booster Board your coach is loved and the team has support.

Be an All-Weather Fan

If you are a local who once played for the team and are now watching as a fan, this suggestion is likely the most challenging on my list. It’s hard not to get frustrated with what’s happening on the field, especially when beating the cross-town rivals is at stake.

Your coaching family needs your support regardless of how the game ends. They need to know they have friends even when the scoreboard isn’t one of them. Be a fan win, lose, or draw, and prioritize friendship over wins.

Talk about Life, not Sports

There are so many times my conversations go on auto-pilot during the season that when someone asks me about myself, it takes me a minute to gather my thoughts. While everyone is quick to comment on Friday night’s score or that one amazing play, it’s rare that a coach or coach’s wife will find space for conversations about everyday life.

Ask them about the books they are reading. Tell them about the amazing sale you know is coming up soon. Head out to explore a restaurant or coffee shop. Even when your favorite coach’s wife is stressed about the season and can’t think of any other subject to chat about, you support her best by distracting her with your witty and hilarious non-sports-related conversations.


Looking to bless your favorite coach’s wife without heading out on a rainy Friday night? Offer to babysit. Take the kids on a Saturday morning or a Thursday afternoon. Whether the time you are available to babysit allows your friend to grocery shop alone, take a nap, or head on a date with her man, I guarantee your generosity will be appreciated!

This helps your favorite coach, too, who now doesn’t need to watch the kids in the office while his wife grocery shops!


The most important way to support a coaching family in season is by taking time to pray for them. Daily or weekly, spend time praying for their marriage, their physical health, their mental stamina, and any specific prayer requests shared with you.

The Reverend Billy Graham once said, “A coach will impact more people in one year than the average person will in an entire lifetime.” I have witnessed this firsthand, and I know it to be true. But with opportunity comes great responsibility. Pray for your favorite coach’s impact to be positive and long-lasting.

This list is incomplete because every coaching family has specific ways they need support in season, but it’s a great starting place! Reading this post shows how much you love your coaching family, so don’t be timid about asking how you can best support your friends. They need you during the season, but hey, you know that because great friends always do!

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