What to Expect as a Coach's Wife at THSCA Coaching School

What to Expect as a Coach's Wife at THSCA Coaching School

It may be mid-July but coaches' wives know, summer is over. We've got a week left with our husbands before the tidal wave that is long workdays, camp days, and two-a-days hits us upside the head. 
The event that ushers in football season is one many coaches' wives have grown to love as well: Texas High School Coaches Association Convention, better known as "coaching school." 
If coaching school sounds like a bunch of overgrown bros slapping each other on the back and shooting the bull, well, you're right. But it can also be a free (ish) vacation for you and your husband and a fun bonding time for your coaching staff family.
This year's event is in downtown San Antonio, a place packed with things to do like visiting historic sites, eating delicious food, or strolling the Riverwalk (scroll to the bottom for all of our favorites!).
But first things first. 
If you are a coach's wife and this is your first time heading to this testosterone festival, here's a behind-the-scenes guide of what to expect.

Millions of Man-Hugs

You know the type. Where they do one of those upright-handshake/high-fives, then pull it in for the real thing. Depending on how long your husband has been coaching, he will see anywhere between twelve and twenty-million long lost friends. Coaching school is kind of like a family reunion and since last year's event was canceled, I can only imagine the number of exuberant man-hugs about to take place. If you love standing awkwardly next to your husband while he forgets to introduce you to people, this is the perfect spot for you. 


If you thought coaches had a type, just wait until you are surrounded by thousands of them. They have their own language, gait, mannerisms, and, of course, wardrobe. If you're at a restaurant in the area during coaching school, it's fun to play, "Which Customers Are Coaches." Just kidding, it's not fun. BECAUSE IT'S WAY TOO EASY. They might as well have a sign on their forehead. 

Women's Events

In 1985, some coaches' wives were tired of being left with the kids by themselves for a week (before being left by themselves for four months) and said, "Let's start our own club." (We salute you, ladies.) Thus, the Texas High School Coaches' Wives Association came to be. During coaching school, the THSCWA puts on their own convention with separate events that are less ... sweaty. You might bring a few cute outfits, but the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Among the scheduled events are Muffins and Mimosas, Bingo, Kendra Scott Color Bar, and a bible study led by yours truly (Monday morning at 8--please come say hi!! I would love to meet you guys!).

Make sure you pre-register for the women's events here to save your spot!

[caption id="attachment_6551" align="aligncenter" width="960"]glow bible study radiance reflecting God coaching school jordan harrell Come study with us Monday morning at 8![/caption]


From about 8-4 each day, give or take a few hours in between, prepare to be without your coach. He will be attending meetings, networking, listening to speakers, and spending time with the other coaches on staff. Trust me, this is not a bad thing. If you don't want to do any of the THSCWA events, stroll the city sidewalks and do a little shopping, or there's always sitting in a quiet hotel room watching movies and ordering room service. Don't mind if I do. Y'all can reconnect in the evenings and have a little date night in your cute new clothes you found while he was "working." Scroll down to our "Guide to San Antonio" for some spots to hit up while you're there.


Coaching school boasts the Exhibit Hall of all Exhibit Halls. With vendors like HUDL, Fox Sports Southwest, and Riddell, walking into the exhibit hall is like walking into a coach's Disney World. It's incredible, if not a bit overwhelming. And in the middle of it all, you better send him to the Friday Night Wives booth so that he can buy his wife something. Or better yet, stop by yourself so we can give you a hug! Our booth is going to be stocked with all our latest t-shirt designs, jewelry, home goods, socks, books, planners, stickers, keychains, and so much more. Here's a look at our booth two years ago. We take cards but cash goes much faster if you have it!
coaching school texas booth friday night wives
So to my sisters heading to the hill country this weekend, I hope to see you there! And to those of you hanging back to hold down the fort, solidarity. Been there. Just make sure your husband knows you deserve ALL the presents for your current and future sacrifices ... and that we will be at booth 14085. And then, hopefully, I'll see you next year. :)



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