When the calling is MOVE...

When the calling is MOVE...

Starting the coaching life two years into marriage and then having the blessing of being in the same place for our first seven seasons, moving became a bad word in my mind. My thoughts were not that I didn't want him to move up in his career. And it was not that I thought I couldn't find a job. I am a teacher, and there are plenty of jobs.

My fear was leaving what was comfortable. It was leaving the close-knit coaching family that had driven me to the hospital when I had a baby and the families that would take our kids at the drop of a hat when we needed them. The people sitting next to me every Friday night.

My biggest fear was that wherever we ended up, I would end up living this coaching wife's life alone.

When that day came, and the door opened. I remember him having interview after interview and call after call. The day came when he got off the phone and said, "I got the job!"

Instantly, words fell off my tongue, "Let's move; we have to go!" I said.
At that moment, I remember thinking, "Brittain, you have lost your ever-loving mind, and everything you love is here."

But the joy and maybe some confusion on my husband's face in those few seconds were worth it. He was shocked and unsure all at the same time. He had his first head baseball job! He had been waiting so long for this opportunity. I knew I couldn't take it back, and I knew it wasn't me who allowed those words to fly out of my mouth so quickly that day.

I knew we had to go, and I knew God had a much bigger plan than we could ever imagine. I knew we had to move our family from central Texas to the HOT and Humid Houston area.

Never in my wildest dreams would I be living in Houston. Never say never!
We moved, and it wasn't easy at all. It wasn't this picture-perfect story that we moved into, and everything was laid out as if it were a dream. Things were so different and difficult. And in those moments at the beginning of this new season of life, we had to cling to God, asking, "Why do you have us here? Why did you move us?"

As we have been part of the same program for four years, God has taught me so many things.

1. "When I call you, that doesn't mean that obedience is going to make everything easy. It means YOU have to trust me until I call you somewhere else. Trust me and cling to me through those moments of difficulty." Life has been and will never be easy in this coaching life, but it is worth it! Even when we question and have doubts. We have had to be reminded to have confidence in who God is and know that HE is ALWAYS faithful.

2. "I am always faithful!" We have a sign that says He is faithful through every season hanging in our bedroom as a reminder that He has never let us down. He is never caught off guard by the 2-8 record or the fact that your reputation is on the line. He has never made a mistake, and even when those situations have you crawling in a hole, HE IS FAITHFUL! His plan is perfect. Even when we are caught off guard and thrown for a loop, He remains exactly who He has always been and will forever be.

3. "The people around you are why I have you here." God puts us in a special place for a specific purpose for a season. The season may be long or short, but the people He puts around you are only around you for that season of life. Thinking about the impact you can have on those people at such a time as this, God puts those families, players, coaches, and even neighbors in your life so that you can show and reflect His love to them. Don't miss out on being intentional and purposeful with your love for people.

4. "I have you here in this place to learn to become more like me!" Tough pill to swallow! When God places you in a certain place, it's because it will allow you to take on situations that make you realize areas where you need Jesus. It lets you see areas where you need to look more like Jesus, in areas where you haven't arrived, even when you have a three-round district playoff team. You may need to have more patience with your kids, show more grace, and serve your spouse more. Our goal in life is to become more like Jesus and reflect Jesus on people by loving them. I've learned to be more mindful of what God is teaching through each season. I've got to run to Him and ask, "What are you trying to teach me through this season?"

5. "You can't do this without me!" This world of coaching life is hard! It makes us drop to our knees many times in fear or desperation. The truth is, we can't do it without Him. There have been seasons where I have not spent any time with Him, and I am flying by the seat of my pants. In those seasons, I carried a huge load of frustration. Let me be honest: those were the WORST seasons I have had. Then, I have had those seasons where I cling to Him and spend time with him every day! In those seasons, I seem to have more grace with my kids, and more patience with my husband, and the bitterness doesn't crawl in. I sit in the craziness of football and baseball and truly enjoy every minute of it. Is it hard? Of course! Is it any different than the others? No, it's not; if anything, it's more of a mess. It's just that I have clung to Him, who is never changing and is always faithful to carry me through every day of this coaching life!

When He says move, He has a purpose and plans for that exact place for this season of your family's life.

Cling to Him in the move; cling to Him in the easy; cling to Him in the difficult; cling to Him in the wins and the losses! Cling to Him each and every day!

Don't forget, He knows what He is doing! He knows you are needed in that exact place at such a time as this!


Brittain loves doing coaching ministry with her husband who is a Texas high school football coach and head baseball coach. She is mom of Beau (10), Brooks (5) and Caleigh (1), a 5th grade literacy teacher, a follower of Jesus and lover of good skincare!
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