When You're Facing a Mountain in the Middle of the Season

When You're Facing a Mountain in the Middle of the Season

I see you there with the mountain on your shoulders. Trying to balance life. The beautiful mess that is juggling the demanding coaching lifestyle along with ALL of life’s other challenges.

I’ve been thrown some curveballs in life of my own. I face my own mountains. They are things that want to wreck and destroy my peace. Things that create chaos. 

We didn’t “sign up” for the losing seasons, challenges placed on our social life, or the BIGGER mountains like the loss of a player or a coach, or the weight of a personal struggle: miscarriage, financial strain, marital or health problems.

It wasn’t what we planned. OUR life plan was going to be ”perfect”: marry at a certain age, buy a house by a certain time. Have the kids, win the games, win ALL the games (can I get an amen?!), “win” at life. 

Back to reality because this mountain is too big to ignore. 

(But, but, but…) There’s practice, film, work, school, game nights… on repeat. Barely time to breathe or sleep. 

We don’t have TIME for this struggle, too. It’s so isolating. It’s hard to find time to talk to coach about it—our schedules rarely sync enough for more than goodnight hugs and kisses. In the isolation our worries grow bigger. 

Satan wants us to question everything. 

What about the house? What about the baby, the player, the coach? What about the games we are losing, the illness, diagnosis, job, struggles? 


God knows EXACTLY where you are. How are you going to move forward with your mountain? 

Even if we had more time to discuss these mountains with our coaches, they don’t have answers either. They’re struggling with the mountain too. But they are in Hudl mode; they don’t have as much time to get as anxious. 

God isn’t struggling. He hears your cry. 

In Job, God said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant, Job?” He pointed out Job TO Satan to test, but God knew Job’s heart. 

Fast forward. Job’s family dies, his livestock dies, he loses his possessions, he is physically hurt. Job’s friends say, “What have you done to deserve this, curse God and die.” (Paraphrasing- but, super helpful friends, right?) Job is the “mountain facing” MVP of the Bible. 

The world screams, PANIC. RUN. BE ANGRY/SAD/BITTER. (It’s all too much!) 

But there is no healing in that place. There is no peace in running. 

I do NOT know:

-How your season will turn out

-How many players will be injured

-How that bill will get paid

-What job you will get if you lose THIS job

-Where you will live next 

-What your test results will show

I have NO answers to the questions we WANT to know and have control over.

Satan loves the struggle. He wants you to doubt, get angry, panic, and fear. 

Whatever you do, however you respond will show what you believe about God. Do you believe He is for you? Do you believe He will provide just what you need? He can heal that person, give you another child, provide a house or a job? Heal your hurts?

He is the giver of a peace that surpasses ALL understanding. He is our resting place. He’s the peace that doesn’t make sense to our running/anxious/fearful world. 

Don’t walk this journey alone.

Will you shift your focus? From your mountain … to our God. 

To the world, you have a mountain. But to God, this is not even a molehill. 

Do you think God would have ever pointed out Job, if Job was going to totally drop the ball and quit on God?

God knew that Job was going to remain faithful. It doesn’t mean Job loved the season he was in. It doesn’t mean that ANY of it was easy. It is okay to not be okay. But it means that Job knew God, loved God, and trusted God to be faithful.

Job was doubly blessed for having faith with his MOUNTAINS—with SO much family, SO many livestock, AND he lived to see the following 4 generations (Job 42:12-17). I’m not saying God is going to bless you with fourteen thousand sheep, like he did for Job (among other things). Please Lord, do not give me fourteen thousand sheep, I don't even want ONE sheep … I have children. 

Sometimes our faith feels too small and the problem feels too big. But it only takes faith the size of a mustard seed to change your perspective. (Matthew 17:20)

Is this a mountain or molehill to you? 

Is this a mountain or molehill to God?

I’m cheering for you. Roll up those sleeves. He’s gifted you the power over this situation. I’m praying He gives you courage and faith to step out of your comfort zone, wipe away the tears, and put your faith and confidence into Him right now. 

Be ready and expectant for Him to show up in mighty ways in your life. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Will you trust Him this season? This mountain of YOURS is not even a molehill for our God. 

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