Wrapping Up the Season You Weren't Hoping For

Wrapping Up the Season You Weren't Hoping For

This wasn’t the season we were hoping for. It feels as if it has ended as quickly as it started. 

Long hot summer days turned into falling autumn leaves, and yet somehow our record did not reflect the amount of time and effort that was poured into planning, coaching, and building a program. 

This wasn’t the season we hoped for, but this was a season we were given.

We were given this season to love and support a group of young men that have shown us their true character. Character that is revealed through adversity, and these athletes demonstrated tremendous character in the way they prepared and competed every week. 

They fought hard and were determined to improve upon their mistakes. These athletes are our community’s future, and it has been a gift to be able to encourage and pray for them on this journey.

We were given this season to learn through a growth mindset. 

Small victories are still victories; we must become better each and every day. Better students, better athletes, better coaches, and better humans. We choose whether to give up or keep growing. 

Sure, it’s hard to lose and it’s hard to be criticized by those who have never played or coached. It’s hard to constantly contemplate whether the team could have done better or a different play call could have changed an outcome. 

To grow, one must become greater over a period of time. From this season, we were given the understanding that growth must always come from the losses.

We were given this season to learn how to persevere through challenges in order to become stronger. 

Our history is filled with people who have failed, but have persevered to become successful. These boys were given the opportunity to be a part of something bigger, a brotherhood. Each week they fought together, cried together and grew together. 

Losing comes with many frustrations, but many learning experiences as well. Being a part of this team and learning how to persevere together is an invaluable gift that will benefit these players for a lifetime.

This was not the season we were hoping for. 

Success does not happen overnight. Small victories must be celebrated and lessons have to be learned through the losses. 

As we wrapped up this season, there were plenty of tears and embraces, moments reflected on and laughs shared. 

Each and every student athlete was a part of this program for a reason, and although it may not have been what we were hoping for, at least we are able to see the gifts that this season has given us.

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