You Might Be a Coach's Wife If ...

You Might Be a Coach's Wife If ...

We asked. You answered. And then we picked some of our favorites to share! So without further ado...

You might be a coach's wife if ...

Your kid has a "tab" in the concession stand! (Brie Engle Corlew)

The cops show up to investigate a "suspicious" car at your home post-football season because your new neighbors moved in during football season and aren't familiar with your coach's work schedule. (Amanda Trichel)

When your OB/GYN lets you know your possible conception date happened to fall on your team's off weekend. #allthreekids  #istayawayfromhimnowonthoseweekends (JD Doty)

You don't have a first name.. it's "Coach _____'s wife." (Amy Jo Noonan)

You lose half your wardrobe when you move. (Carissa Bentley Hays)

You routinely wash pens, cough drops, paper and chapstick in the washer. #checkyourpockets (Hannah Crowledge)

You know that when he says he is doing laundry, it does not mean any laundry at your own house is getting done. (Nikki Chandler)

He tells you practice ends at 730, he’ll be home by 830, and you automatically add 3.5 hours on top of that. (Jamie Meifu)

You schedule all major family events around football season, including but not limited to vacations, weddings, and the birth of your children! (Huellen Watson)

You have driven to the field house one million times for forgotten things. (Celia Quin De Monte)

You can spot a coach in a crowded restaurant based on their “coaching gear.” (Amy Touchstone)

You get to watch Bravo with no complaints from August to December. (Abby Baker)

You have to explain to people visiting your home that you haven’t had a chance to vacuum and that the black pellets aren’t rat droppings, just rubberized pellets from the indoor practice field. (Chelsea Pickett Middleton)

You stop at random football stadiums while on vaca because he sees the lights. (Stacey Massey McCartney).

When you cringe everytime your husband calls or texts in May because you fear the words...."I applied at". (Sharla Strickland)

Your 3 year old sees her daddy and says, “ DADDY! You came to visit me!” (Kim Ward)

You physically bite a hole in your tongue when someone compares your husband being a coach to their husband volunteering to coach a peewee sport. (Sara Hudler)

If you know the difference between huddle and Hudl and have your own login. (Leslie Andrews)

The only family photos you take are for the football program or after football games! (Elisha Henley Watkins)

You’ve ever faked being asleep on Friday night at home after a loss. (Emily Beaird Lansdell)

There’s a cowbell in your purse. (Robin Bankston Wheat)

Your yard looks like you have left your home and abandoned it. (Cynthia Hulsey)

If date night consists of scouting on Thursday Night games and during bye-weeks. (Danielle Sherrie' Harold)

You know more about strength and conditioning than you apply to daily life. (Christa Johnson)

Your entire clothing wardrobe solely matches your husband’s team colors...and the thought of wearing any other colors, causes fear that you may curse the teams season. (Carrie Helms)

You’ve considered buying stock in U-Haul. (Kayla Woods McClendon)

Your 2-year-old calls the fieldhouse "daddy's house." (Brooke Reed)

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