Bleacher Boxes

The Summer Bleacher Box presale opens April 28! Closes May 2 at MN.

What is a Bleacher Box??

Bleacher boxes are customized gift boxes for coaches' wives with 3 different levels to choose from! We only do these 4 times a year! Any sport, any level- we've got cute items for you! We open up for presale for about 5 days. A lot of the designs and items are exclusive only to the bleacher boxes (we do not regularly sell them).

Box Options

Basic Bleacher Box

  • An tee with an exclusive design (not made or sold anywhere else, & not regularly sold anywhere else)
  • 5-7 surprise accessories. Basically, you give us a little info, and we will add in some surprises just for you! (sport, school colors, favorite colors, mascot, last name, etc). Some examples from past boxes: school color bracelets, sport specific mrs. coach sticker, tumbler, custom ornament, keychains, clear make up bags.
  • We try to mix things up and keep things fresh! We know that many wives buy this box every time we open them up so we make sure to keep making them different!

JV Bleacher Box

  • Includes everything in the basic box
  • PLUS, we add in another large item! You will be able to see this item before purchasing.

Varsity Bleacher Box

  • Everything in the basic and JV boxes
  • WE usually save the best for last and the varsity box item is usually the best!