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Couples Cultivated Conversation Card Deck

Couples Cultivated Conversation Card Deck

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Meet the fun, easy way to talk about what matters with the one you love. Designed to help you go deeper than "how was your day?" 

This portable pack of conversation cards will spark hours of meaningful conversation, whether you've been dating for a few weeks or married for a few decades! Bring them to date night or leave them on your table for daily connection. These conversation starters for couples will help you and the one you love grow together, talk about what matters, and strengthen your relationship. 

These are the cards that will have you saying, "Tell me more!" Each of the 50 prompts will help you:

  • Move beyond small talk to learn more about your pasts, the details of your present (finances, work, personal growth), and a future you can look forward to together
  • Get to know your partner on a deeper level
  • Grow your connection and strengthen your relationship
  • Spark interesting and meaningful conversations

Thank you again for supporting our woman owned, mama owned, coach's wife owned business. 

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